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Taylor G.

Long Beach, CA

Dr. Jenny Kim has been a godsend for me. I injured myself on the job a year and a half ago and tried all types of physical therapy, swim therapy, acupuncture and pain medication to seek relief. Nothing was really working and I found myself depressed that I could not be the active young woman I used to be. Dr. Kim changed everything for me. She worked with me to target each specific area causing me back pain and used various methods to help me achieve the range of motion I now have. I am forever grateful for her and plan to continue working with her for any flare ups in the foreseeable future. Her kindness and professionalism surpass all other clinics I have visited. Thank you Dr. Kim for saving my health and my sanity!

Ashley M.

Orange, CA

I started coming here after several dance related injuries and pains. The pains would really bother me and I was surprised to know that acupuncture could take care of my worries. They were able to relieve me of my aches and get me back to tend to my daily activities! I also found out that acupuncture is more than something that could help you relax. Jenny helped me to relieve stress, remedy my colds and coughs, and to smooth out some wrinkles! I also have been coming back for their amazing facials! This place is a MUST!

Kiyon P.

Cypress, CA

I was pretty skeptical about Acupuncture previously. However, I felt confident after Dr. Kim kindly explained how it works and she answered all my questions. In a private room, she told me to change into a gown and lay down. The bed was heated, felt so nice! She gently checked where my pain is located. The needles were not painful at all! After needling, I was laying on the fantastic bed and listening to very relaxing music for about 30 minutes. After acupuncture, she did Cupping on my thigh, and it felt so great!! I was so refreshed on my way out! And IT band felt so much softer.

She suggested to come every week for upto  8 times, so I made appointment with her every week. I am so happy that I found this great place!

Karin S.

Orange, CA

This is the first time I've tried acupuncture. After getting a great recommendation for Nuba Acupuncture Clinic. I'm so glad I went. I've been suffering from headaches most of my life. After getting acupuncture over a month ago I have not had any headaches. It's unbelievable. I am so happy I went. If you have any issues please give acupuncture a try. You won't regret it. Nuba also offers awesome facials. They use natural products which I really like. It's not your typical facial. They use different techniques and you leave feeling so relaxed with healthy glowing skin. You need to try this.
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